Meet Your Leaders

First, a word of gratitude to both Ken Hohnecker and Leslie Lin for their leadership in the Chief Ranger role over the past couple of years since Dave Fagerlund’s passing.

Secondly, it is the policy of CSB and NVEFC (independently) to require adult volunteers pass a background check prior to serving in the program.  Additionally, we follow the “two-deep” leadership principles that there will be no unsupervised contact between adults and children (i.e. no private meetings, no one on one contact opportunities, etc.)

Because safety is important, we reserve the right to send children home who will not follow instructions, bully other children, or endanger themselves or others (based solely on our adult leaders’ observation and judgement).  We want all participating children to have fun, but we will not make exceptions for unruly, ill-disciplined behaviors.  Granting a child a second chance depends on the cooperation of his parents, and the willingness of our leadership team to grant that privilege. Parents, please remind your children to obey all reasonable instructions provided during the event program – it is for their safety and of those around them.

Chief Ranger:  Paul Farrell001 - Farrell- Paul DSC_7677-2

Mr. Farrell is a member of NVEFC and has experience in supervising outdoor adventuring programs and youth ministry programs:


  • Ranger, CSB Unit #1803 (assisting the Chief Ranger by planning and executing program activities, devotionals, special educational demonstrations)
  • Registered Adult, Non-Troop member of Trail Life USA
  • Member, National Advisory Committee, Trail Life USA (special projects support)


  • Scoutmaster, Troop #113 – First Baptist Church of Hackensack, NJ.  Received the Scouter’s Training Award (fully trained adult leadership program) and the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award for creating a new unit from scratch.
  • Participated as troop leader during summer camp for three weeks – CY ’11, ’12, ’13
  • Assisted in the creation of curriculum for Trail Life USA.


  • Chaperone, Troop #777 – Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, NJ.
  • Participated as troop leader during summer camp for two weeks – CY ’09 and ’10


  • Participated in Boy Scouts of America
  • Arrow of Light Award, Eagle Scout
  • 16 weeks of summer camp participation (youth member & staff roles)

Ranger: Stephen FarrellIMGP7175

  • Stephen is a full time college student completing his degree in Information Technology at Thomas Edison State College.
  • Stephen is a fully certified CSB leader, having completed adult leader training in March 2016 at CSB’s “Pass the Torch” National Seminar in Buffalo, NY.
  • Stephen has served as Ranger at CSB #1803.
  • Stephen is an Eagle Scout, having fulfiled several roles including Assistant Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader.

Ranger: Joshua FarrellIMGP6938

  • Joshua is a full time college student completing his degree in Management.
  • Joshua participated in the recent “Passing the Torch” national training program offered by CSB and has served as both Junior Ranger and Ranger at CSB #1803.
  • Joshua earned the rank of Life Scout before discontinuing his involvement with BSA due to their change in values and core tenets.  Joshua had served as Patrol Leader and had fulfilled all but two required activities to complete the Eagle badge.

There are a number of additional adult rangers who participate on a regular basis, as well as a host of Junior Rangers (grades 9-12) who have graduated from the program, but continue to support the younger members.

This year, we are going to offer a stand-alone meeting for our Rangers, Junior Rangers and their dads.  This meeting will take place twice a month to review progress, plan meetings, and minister to our leaders as an extension of our men’s development ministry.