Questions from Parents…

The church secretary let me know that there were some questions from parents to address.

  • Uniforms?  We haven’t done uniforms at our stockade group in years.  The adults are considering a move back to uniform shirts.  If your child has a uniform shirt and wants to wear it, that’s GREAT!
    • We have unit specific patches that can be applied to a dark green T-Shirt t99-VB002-603o make an unofficial (and inexpensive) uniform shirt.  As your boy grows, you can move the patch to a fresh T-Shirt.
    • If you already have a stockade shirt, our unit number is 1803 and the unit number patches are available in two places:
      • check with an adult leader to see if we have some stashed in our unit closet, OR
      • they can be ordered for a nominal cost through
  • Do we engage in Monthly Activities (i.e. field trips, etc.)
    • At the moment, we don’t have adequate adult supervision to coordinate monthly activities.
      • We need more dads for planning and execution, but we’re open to scheduling for the Spring if there’s interest and support
      • We don’t have a church van or bus so transportation has been a factor in the past.  For instance, we had to cancel our trip to West Point for an ice hockey game last year due to bad weather, etc.
      • There is a regional pinewood derby planned for March of 2017 in Randolph, NJ (about an hour’s drive west on Route 80 and Route 10.)
  • Can dads serve as chaperones or leaders?  YES.
    • We would welcome dads to serve as chaperones and helpers in the ministry – we just need them to complete a volunteer application and background check through NVEFC.
    • Contact our leaders or the church secretary (contact us page) for further details.



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