Renewal within CSB

IMGP6811A lot has been happening in the background at CSB Ministries over the past two to three years:

  • a move of their headquarters location,
  • creation of new ministry curriculum, and
  • an increase in training opportunities for leaders to refresh and renew their local vision and passion for discipleship.
  • release of Valor – a magazine for the parents of the children enrolled in the program
  • release of a new logo to revitalize the marketing and promotion of the ministry

It is amazing to think about the origins of the ministry and how far it has come.  As you’ll see in the accompanying video, the program got its start with a college student in a church basement almost 80 years ago.  Now it’s a leading provider of men’s ministry to boys, young men and adult guides.

This fall, NVEFC will kick off it’s normal Monday evening program for grades 3-6 with boys in grades 7-12 providing leadership support as Junior Rangers, under the supervision of adult Rangers.

However, we are also planning to offer a twice per month Friday evening program for the older boys and the adult Rangers.  This is a chance to talk about what’s going well on Monday’s and plan meetings ahead of time.  Further, it will provide a time of ministry to the older boys and adult leaders focused on them.  A chance to refresh and renew the vision for discipleship.

We will likely rely on curriculum from either Manhood Journey or use the “Stepping Up” series from Family Life Ministries in this Friday program.  All teen boys and their dads at NVEFC, and all Junior Rangers and their dads (whether they regularly attend NVEFC or another local church) are welcome to attend.

A welcome letter with kick off details is being prepared, but if you can’t wait and are filling up your fall calendar – contact Paul Farrell via the church office and we’ll get you up to speed ASAP.



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