Walk Worthy In Times of Stress and Anxiety

Everyone deals with stress in different ways, but knowing that we have God who loves us and provides for our every need is comforting. Additionally, our ability to rest in God comes from treasuring Him ahead of worldly things and obsessions. Read more….

Trail Life Troop 113

It seems like everyone responds to times of stress and anxiety in different ways.  How we behave when “under pressure” can reveal a lot about our character and what we value the most.IMGP6935

I like to think of it this way:

  • When you put the squeeze on an orange, you get orange juice.
  • When you put the squeeze on an apple, you get apple juice.
  • When stressful circumstances put the squeeze on you, what comes out?Calmness or Anger?

Underneath our personality (how we behave) is our character (what motivates us) pulling the strings. During times of great stress, our ‘everyday’ personality mask is pulled off and our underlying character is revealed in behavior that is a true representation of our inner heart and soul.

Robert McKee teaches screenwriters how to adapt stories to film. A large part of ensuring a film’s success is making the characters as realistic as…

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