Stockade Meeting 10/5/2015

Our second meeting of the new year was a lot of fun.

For games, we tried something new – “blindfolded steal the bacon“.  It was a lot of laughter, shouting and team work which enabled each team to guide their captain to discover the ball (the “bacon”) and then carry it to the finish marker while blindfolded.  While it started slowly, the excitement grew as each boy realized he wanted a turn to be blindfolded and learn to trust his team mates to direct him to the goal.

This evening’s activity time was focused on additional team work challenges.  It’s good to start the year with team building efforts so that boys who are new to the program get to work side by side with others and get to learn each others names, etc.

The first challenge was a water bucket brigade relay race.  The leader in each team had a dixie cup and had to draw water from a five gallon bucket.  In turn each team member had to extend their own cup to receive the drawn water and then pour it into the next boy’s cup.  Ultimately, if there was un-spilt water left at the end of the chain, it was carefully poured into a one liter soda bottle.  The race continued until one of the teams managed to fill their soda bottle.  OF course, if the teams were so sloppy as to run out of water in the five gallon bucket, then neither team would earn any points.

Perhaps it is needless to say, but this event is best done outside!

Upon returning to our activity room, the teams were split for two remaining challenges:  The Art Gallery and Ships in the Fog.

  • The Art Gallery consists of a series of portraits hung on the wall with painter’s tape.  A mix of historical and current people of notoriety as well as some cartoon characters (for fun) were numbered 1 to 30.  The team had to elect a scribe and carefully list all of the names of the people or characters featured.  One team scored 13 correct names and the other team scored 22 correct names.
  • Ships in the Fog uses a set of trolley shuttles (skis built for three people to share and walk in unison), a blindfold on the leader, and the remainder of the team shouting directions and encouragement.  The troop of three boys must learn to walk together, and navigate their ship through the fog (blindfold) and into the harbor (a slalom course through folding chairs and through a pair of chairs representing the harbor entrance).  Of course, this is fun for both the boys on the skis and those trying to direct them from the sidelines.

Although we ran out of time, we had a fourth station ready to go with brain teasers which could be used as a tie breaker competition.  For example:

A mother had decided to make peach jam and thought she remembered the recipe perfectly.  After reducing peaches to a puree, she realized that the directions called for adding a very specific amount of lemon juice – too little or too much would ruin the effort completely.  The directions specified one lemon’s juice for every dozen peaches.  How did she know how many lemons she’d need since she had not kept count of peaches earlier (and now they were a mass of goo)?

So we’ll save those riddles for another night.

Chief Ranger Leslie Lin handed story circle time by going over key facts about the Bible so that stockaders would be more comfortable with some of the basics as we often use the Bible as a resource in our story circle times.


Walk Worthy In Times of Stress and Anxiety

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Trail Life Troop 113

It seems like everyone responds to times of stress and anxiety in different ways.  How we behave when “under pressure” can reveal a lot about our character and what we value the most.IMGP6935

I like to think of it this way:

  • When you put the squeeze on an orange, you get orange juice.
  • When you put the squeeze on an apple, you get apple juice.
  • When stressful circumstances put the squeeze on you, what comes out?Calmness or Anger?

Underneath our personality (how we behave) is our character (what motivates us) pulling the strings. During times of great stress, our ‘everyday’ personality mask is pulled off and our underlying character is revealed in behavior that is a true representation of our inner heart and soul.

Robert McKee teaches screenwriters how to adapt stories to film. A large part of ensuring a film’s success is making the characters as realistic as…

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