Commitment is the Key to Transformation

Trail Life Troop 113

IMGP6811This past Sunday’s sermon was the conclusion of a series examining our church’s mission, vision, values and virtues. Titled “The Three Most Important Words” it was a great exercise for internalizing our need to commit to the organization or move on — it’s a binary equation in Christianity — you believe or you don’t; you obey or you sin.  The world tries to paint a deceptive swath of “gray” suggesting that permissive activities are not about obedience or disobedience, but simply our right to waste the afternoon watching golf on TV.

It got me thinking about my own commitment to youth ministry.  As a former BSA leader, a TLUSA advocate, and a serving CSB Ranger, I’d say I’m committed to action.  For me, it’s not just about summarizing thoughts and ideals in a blog — exploring these themes to understand how they fit in with scriptures — but…

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