Meeting Recap (10/20/2014)

Last night’s meeting was action packed.  Our focus for the evening was on teamwork and learning to work together cooperatively.

Following our opening ceremony there was the usual time for games including an indoor version of capture the flag led by the Junior Rangers.

Next, we had the boys settle down for a brief remembrance time where we talked about Chief Ranger Dave’s untimely death in the hospital.  The boys handled the news well, and the boys shared their recollection of Dave’s ministry to them.  We also read a letter of what Dave “might have said” if he had known he had to say farewell one last time.

Our activities for the evening consisted of three special team challenges designed to help the boys recognize the value of communication, enthusiasm, and leadership within small groups.

  • skisSkis built for threeis a physically active challenge where three boys step up on a pair of skis and must walk in unison to get across the room in the shortest possible time.  The challenge is further complicated halfway to their goal by turning one of the boys to face backwards and they have to compensate for calling out cadence based on “left and right” since some of their team are backwards. Other variations call for blindfolds, not allowing the boys to speak, having them walk backwards, etc.
  • “Two Rope Circles” is a challenge for boys to work together with strong communication and planning skills. The rules are simple: the team can only move when they’re inside the boundary of one or the other rope circles and they must work together to figure out the best and fastest way to cross the room as a team. The boys begin standing within the boundaries of a rope circle and holding a second rope in their hands.  They could toss the second rope circle and jump from one to the other, but they need to find a way to bring the first rope along in leap-frog fashion. Other methods are fine, too.  Sometimes the boys realize that they can simply pick up the rope and walk directly across the room as long as they’re still “inside” the circle!
  • “Hazardous Waste Crawl” is a game where a pretend shipment of “hazardous waste” must be moved across the room without dropping it, touching it or getting too close to it.  Equipment may include an inverted frisbee, ball and ropes, but we simply cut down an old cardboard box and used a pee-wee football.  The carry tray has four (or more, or less) strings at each corner that are roughly 24-36 inches long.  The teams must use the strings to lift the load (and keep a “safe” distance from the load at all times).  Working together, they must carefully move their cargo across the room without dropping it.  This takes precision, communication and teamwork.  It can be easy to drop the load so coaches help the team stay positive to avoid frustration overload.

Following the actives, we formed a story circle and discussed teamwork as a concept found in the Bible — see associated devotional link for that teamwork discussion (Click HERE).


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